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An introduction to Creativity

Using our intelligence and skills to solve problems, or create new ways of doing things, is deeply satisfying.

Things for teams to try: Improving Creativity

See what action you can take to improve creativity in the team!

Things for organizations to try: Improving Creativity

Find out how to improve happiness by creating a working environment that enhances people's creativity.

An introduction to Feedback

Giving and receiving feedback that is constructive is not always easy, but when it is supportive and useful it helps everyone work happier together.

Things for teams to try: Improving Feedback

We all need feedback - check out some tried and tested techniques for improving feedback.

Things for organizations to try: Improving Feedback

Improve your feedback culture and practices so you and colleagues feel appreciated, nurtured and secure in your roles.

An introduction to Learning

When we have opportunities to learn new things and develop our skills, it naturally follows that we gain in confidence, motivation and a sense of personal growth.

Things for teams to try: Improving Learning

Here are some ways to boost your learning at work.

Things for organizations to try: Improving Learning

Develop a learning culture to avoid languishing and uplift colleagues interest levels in their jobs.

Top tips on challenging yourself at work

Take a look at some of the positive actions you can take to maintain and improve your Challenge scores. Spot something for the team? Suggest it when you review your results or add it as an Idea to your Friday flow next week!

Top tips on making your work more interesting

Here our some top tips for positive actions you and your team can take to help make and keep things interesting - in a good way!