Top tips on challenging yourself at work

Take a look at some of the positive actions you can take to maintain and improve your Challenge scores. Spot something for the team? Suggest it when you review your results or add it as an Idea to your Friday flow next week!

Challenge yourself

Challenge – one of the Five Ways to Happiness at Work – can be summed up in three words: stretch, enjoyment, and expectations. We feel happy in our jobs when we are absorbed and progressing our work.

See your own and your team score for Challenge in your Friday account (hint: see your Reports – Overview page). What steps could you take to improve your own Challenge scores? How can you support colleagues to improve the team's score?

Reflect on the future of your work

The way we work has been completely disrupted. There are many great ideas being shared online about the future of work in a post-COVID world. Take time to reflect on how you and your team want to work together moving forward.

Do more of what you enjoy

Try to identify a project or a task that you would enjoy. Or, alternatively, re-design the way you undertake part of your work. When we get pleasure from our work, it not only energises us but also everyone else we work with.

Power hour

It is often hard to focus for long periods of time. An hour is about the limit for most of us. Encourage each other to set aside a power hour. Switch off email and instant messaging. Then, throw yourselves into a work task and enjoy what you accomplish.

Bounce ideas around

When it comes to work, many of us are now more often home alone. Without the physical presence of colleagues we can start to feel it’s "all down to us". Keep in touch with those friends who are 'critical' to you, and who help to build and improve on your ideas.

Dare to be vulnerable

It takes courage to be vulnerable. Often, we hold back in the fear we will lose respect. Yet, in reality, the opposite happens - emotional connections are made, relationships strengthened and others feel free to be more authentic.