Top tips on improving fairness and respect at work

Taking a few positive actions regularly can help improve fairness and respect at work. Here are some of our top Be Fair tips. Which do you need to embrace as a team? Table it for discussion or add it as an Idea to your Friday flow next week!

foundation of a happy place to work - Be Fair

Being treated with fairness and respect is fundamental to happier work. People flourish when organizations are responsive to their needs and value the energy they put in. Teams flourish when colleagues appreciate one another.

Be understanding

While we have had to adapt and make significant changes to our lives recently, we’re not all in the same boat. Take time to understand your colleagues’ situations, and be as supportive as possible. When we feel respected and supported, it helps us to see things clearer.

Embrace diversity

The way we process our thoughts and feelings is enriched by interactions with others. Embracing and celebrating diversity isn’t only the right thing to do – it has been shown to lead to better business decisions.

Be facilitative

During stressful periods we tend to become more instructional. However, devoting time and attention to process can create space for people to contribute, share work tasks and feel valued.

Open communication

It’s important to ensure those not returning to the workplace aren’t marginalised. To counter this, open up communication channels with those who are not returning ahead of time and make sure their voice is heard.

Say thank you with a gift

If you feel the need to lift someone’s day, see if there is budget available to send them a little gift. Surprises are a great way of shaking up the daily monotony of our new reality and showing that we’re still thinking about each other.