Things for teams to try: Improving Fairness and respect

Feeling like we are treated fairly and with respect can be something we don't really think about until it doesn't feel right. But there are ways to help improve our sense of fairness and respect within the team - here are some to try:

4 Fairness and respect - team

1. Share airtime fairly

Team meetings are precious windows in our week, not least because it is costly from a individual productivity perspective to down tools and gather together. Your team, like many others, is likely a mix of extroverts and introverts - those who talk a lot and those who say comparatively little. It's important to give opportunities for people to share, even if they aren't very forthright about it. We say "the quieter ones often hold an important truth" - encourage others to share those "truths".

If you’re reluctant to speak up, try to think about the benefit speaking up could bring to the team. You might be the only one in the team with that thought or idea, or you might be voicing something others were uncertain how to say – your team need to hear you!

2. Playing to your strengths

To promote mental health and prevent burnout at work, it's important to pay attention to each team members' role fit.

Our sense of balance between the time we spend working and the time we spend on the rest of our lives is affected by how much energy we are giving work. When we play to our strengths, work feels more effortless - we get through tasks with greater energy, focus and ultimately speed, which lessens the need for us to overcompensate with longer hours. How can the type of work each person is doing in the team become a better "fit" for them and their way or working?

3. Hire for diversity

Working in ways that respect and accommodate differences is not only good for the soul, it helps your team move out of "group think" into a wholly more creative and innovative space.

When hiring into the team, look for people who will bring different strengths to the group effort, so you are widening as well as deepening your expertise. Acting with fairness and respect means actively seeking and welcoming diversity of perspective, education, and life experience in to the group.