Top tips on being fair to yourself (& to your colleagues)

Be Fair is a foundational element of our Five Ways to Happines at Work framework. Take a look at some positive daily actions you can take to be fair to yourself, and to your colleagues.

Be fair to yourself

Be fair at work includes respect, appreciation and recognizing people's life outside of work. To score well on Be Fair, we need to feel we are being treated fairly by others - but it's also important we are fair to ourselves. Take a look at your own Be Fair score on your Reports Overview page - how can you improve your own score?

Be tolerant

When things feel unfair the natural emotion is to feel angry. Never before has everybody universally been under so much pressure at any one time. It’s no one’s doing so be as tolerant as possible, and apologize when you’re at fault.

Take time off

It is hard to keep a boundary between work and the rest of our lives when many of us are now working more from home. If you, or your team, are starting to get a little worn down, encourage each other to take some time off. You’ll come back feeling refreshed.

Find a routine

Maintaining a work-life balance can be even harder when work is now always at home, or newly split between home and the office. Help each other to get into routines. Be as flexible and respectful of people’s time boundaries as possible.

Appreciate initiative

New ideas often come from unexpected sources. Create an atmosphere where everyone can feel free to share their thoughts and ideas. You’ll be more creative as a team, as well as having more fun together.

Look after yourself

Daily routines have been shaken up. Many people have multiple stresses outside of work. Take time out of each day to do something, however little, just for you. With self-care, you’ll feel better in yourself and be more focused.