Things for organizations to try: Improving Work-life balance

Research has shown it's possible to be both engaged and exhausted. Meanwhile the WHO has listed burnout in its international classification of diseases as an occupational syndrome - this makes it a feature of the way we organize work. Make sure you're using best practice to support colleagues to enjoy their work and their life outside of work.

6. Work-life balance - org

1. Rebalance workloads and responsibilities

Even out the pressure people are under.

Workloads and responsibilities are rarely evenly spread across organizations. And this can lead to burnout and the sense that things are unfair. However, it can be difficult to feel confident about moving work around in case you're taking it off those who shout loudest to give it to those who complain least.

This is where your Friday Pulse Heatmap serves you well. In a glance, it'll highlight the pockets of your organization who are experience too much stress.

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