Resetting a users responses

If a user accidently enters a wrong response or puts in a comment that needs to be removed, the users responses can be reset easily by an Admin of the Account.

To reset a user’s responses

Navigate to the People area of Friday, click on the user’s profile card and then the ellipses to “Reset answers” then confirm. This will clear the users score responses for the current week.

Reset answers

Please note, Celebration, Thank-you and Frustration Notes added by the user will not be deleted when scores are reset.

Re-taking the questions

If your account’s questions are still open (if it is before your Close date and time) your users will be able to respond to the questions again once their scores have been reset. To do this, they should go to, click on “Log in” and enter their email address used in the account.

Log in click

Log in email address

This will trigger a log in email with a unique link to access their profile.

Log in email

Once the user is in Friday, they will see a pop up at the bottom right of the screen inviting them to participate.

Website participate link

Editing or removing a Note

If a user wants to edit or delete a Celebration, Thank-you or Frustration Note they can do this as part of retaking the Friday questions after their scores have been reset. Notes previously submitted will show as part of the question flow and can be Edited or Deleted by the user.

Note edit

(Please note, it is only possible for a user to edit or delete a Note when your questions are still Open).

If a user needs to have a Note deleted when your questions have closed, please contact the Friday team using giving the user’s email address used in Friday and then Note to be deleted.