Tips for sharing Ideas in Friday

It’s good to share your ideas - you might be the only one to have the idea, or you could be sharing something others didn’t feel confident enough to suggest.

Every week Friday gives you the opportunity to share any ideas you’ve had which might make work more enjoyable, better or easier for you and your team.

You might not have a new idea every week, but we encourage you to give it a moment of thought each week. When a good idea bubbles to the surface, put it in Friday to be discussed with your team the next week.

It could be a new technique you learned from a friend at the weekend, something you used to do in a previous job that suddenly makes sense to apply here, or a moment of creative insight you had in the shower!

What makes a good idea?

The most effective ideas are suggestions which are:

  • focused on a problem or opportunity
  • positive and helpful, and
  • respectful of people’s time and business constraints

Over time you will build up a collection of ideas as a team - some will be quick and easy to implement, some will spark imagination, while others will be ones you want to ‘sit’ with until the time feels right.

Each week talk through any Ideas from the team. See which ones you feel like exploring and actioning. Enjoy seeing the difference you make to how work feels.