Things for teams to try: Improving Worthwhile work

We feel good when we feel a part of something bigger than ourselves. Often we are influencing more than we realize, and by making our impact more visible, we get to feel the difference we're making more strongly.

14 Worthwhile work - team

1. Amplify the team's impact

Draw a map of all the colleagues, customers and work streams your team impacts. These are your stakeholders - the people invtested in the work of your team because your toil benefits them in some way. Are there any stakeholder groups or work projects which your team should try and help out more? Which would plug an important gap in your collective sense of purpose?

2. Create an impact wall

Find a visible space - online or in the office. Brainstorm all the ways the work of the team impacts your stakeholders - clients, customers, colleagues, shareholders, and your wider community. Indirect contributions are important here too. Add everything to the wall and sit back and take it all in.

3. Identify individual impact

Once you're clear how the team impacts its stakeholders, near and far, take a moment to consider how the work of each team member contributes. Think about the things they uniquely bring to the collective effort - their strengths, skills, enthusiasm and personality.

It's worth doing this exercise as a group because it’s sometimes easier to see the ways someone else’s work is important than it is to assess our own contributions. By sharing how we view the importance of each other’s work, we also are expressing appreciation, and this peer-to-peer recognition is another route to strengthening the sense that our work matters.