How Friday Pulse will help your team perform

Friday Pulse helps People Managers protect team morale and catch issues early.

How Friday Pulse protects your anonymity

To use Friday Pulse effectively, you will need to feel safe about answering honestly.

How Friday Pulse will help you share responsibility for culture

At the heart of Friday Pulse is an understanding of how workplace cultures change – not from the top down, but team-by-team.

How Friday will give you a voice

Employee voice is crucial to the success of organizations of today.

Getting you and your team ready for Friday

You want to kick off with a good response rate on Friday – it’ll give you representative results of how the team is feeling.

Start with a great response rate

When you launch Friday, you’ll want to start with a good response rate.

Why adding celebrations to Friday helps the team to perform

The science shows us that reflecting on the good stuff is important – for individuals, and for the team.

Why it’s a good idea to suggest an idea in Friday

Have an idea about improving things at work, but don’t feel you have the permission to offer it up? Now you do!

Why saying thank-you is important

Appreciation is one of the key drivers of happiness at work.

Why sharing frustrations in Friday is important

Frustration can be… frustrating! But they can be a force for good when harnessed positively.