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Wellbeing – the ultimate shock absorber

The 9th World Happiness Report acts as an excellent benchmark for our wellbeing data. And Friday Pulse clients fared significantly better than their peers during the pandemic. Here’s a detailed look at how that happened.

What is happiness at work?

Happy teams are the core of happiness at work.

How happiness at work is defined

Happiness at work is about thriving as individuals and doing well together. It is about how people experience their job.

Why is happiness at work important?

Find out why we want to measure happiness more than anything else.

How Friday Pulse measures employee experience

Find out what questions we ask and how we put a number on happiness…

Why we focus on happiness at work weekly

We shouldn’t just focus on happiness sporadically. We should focus on it every day, and measure happiness weekly.

How is happiness different from engagement?

Four reasons happiness is more engaging than engagement.

What causes us to feel frustrated?

Find out what causes frustration at work.

The Five Ways to Happy Workplaces

Discover the five key ingredients needed to protect and promote happiness in your organization.

The key drivers of happiness

Our Culture Profile topics help you assess what's driving happiness in your organization.

Employee Happiness: the route to improving the UK's productivity slump

There's a lot of discussion about improving employee engagement to increase productivity, but is there the science behind this claim?

What an Oxford Research Study Teaches us about Happiness in the Workplace

Money can’t buy you happiness, but this study shows that happiness will make you money.

Happiness vs Job Satisfaction

After 25 years of experimentation in different policy arenas, workplaces and across many languages and cultures, I settled on happiness as the ultimate measure of human flourishing.

How to build a great employee experience for everyone

The experience employees have of work is increasingly recognised as a critical element of business performance.

It’s time to take happiness at work seriously

Evidence shows that happiness at work drives employee engagement and future business success, but leaders are still wary of promoting happiness.

Pool tables and productivity: what fun at work really means

The pool table in the office is not really having fun at work. It is more of a distraction from work.

The power of positive emotions

Emotions are signals for action. They are like the body’s instant messaging service.

How to maintain your core (relationships) while working remotely

How well people cope during difficult times is dependent on the quality of the relationships they have with friends, family and work colleagues.

COVID-19 and The Curve of Resilience

Friday Pulse was never designed to pick up global trends. But when COVID-19 struck, our platform found a trend across all of our clients, in every industry, at the same time.

Why happiness is essential amid COVID-19

March 20th | International Day of Happiness. It feels strange to publish a piece about happiness, especially as the world faces its biggest health challenge in recent years.

Mental Health Awareness: The Five Ways are the Friday Pulse Way

Mental health is a critical part of our business. Our purpose at Friday Pulse is to improve wellbeing in the workplace. It’s our reason for being.

How leaders can help teams survive burnout

While the experience of work varies from one person to another, one thing is true: those that are overworked are at a risk of burning out.

What does World Mental Health Day mean for leaders?

World Mental Health Day is a reminder mental health matters. It’s our belief that leaders need to pay attention to their team’s mental health and take active steps to preventing burnout.

Empowering your Employees through the Next Normal

With lockdown restrictions easing, some people are starting to return to offices and workplaces. However, the current crisis has shown many companies they can function successfully without having employees in a physical office. In fact, businesses are now starting to question the “why” of an office.

Why workplace happiness is good for everyone

The truth is, if we were all to take our happiness at work more seriously, regardless of home or office environment, the world would be a better place.

Happiness and the Function of Emotions: An Interview at the 2020 Global Happiness at Work Summit

Sarah Metcalfe from the Global Happiness at Work Summit 2020 interviewed our Founder and CEO, Nic Marks, to discuss the meaning of being happy at work, resilience in COVID-19, and the function of emotions.

Even in a Crisis, Positivity Leads to Creativity

Innovation can’t come from nowhere — it must be fostered in positive environments. And, if you innovate the way you take care of your people, innovation and creativity will follow.

How's work? The OK is not OK edition

Work and life right now are…OK. Not great, not terrible — just OK.