Top tips for reclaiming your power at work

Empowering ourselves is something that's particularly important at the moment, when working patterns have changed and continue to shift - here are some positive actions you can take.

Reclaim your power at work

Trust. Delegating. The opportunity to self-organize. These are the things that make up whether we feel empowered at work - one of the Five Ways to Happiness at Work. Often people believe improvements in their Empower score must come from the top, but there are ways we can empower ourselves too!

Take a look at your own Empower score (hint: see your Reports Overview in your Friday account) - are there any areas you'd like to work on?

Move forward

With so much rapid change over the past few months, it’s easy to feel disorientated and out of control. In such situations, we can become indecisive. However, there are always things that you can control. Identify them and keep them moving forward.

Find your energy

What brings you the most energy at work? Conversely, what drains you? Try to organize your things-to-do list so you get the tasks that you least enjoy completed first. You can then focus on what you love doing, and are no doubt best at.

Don't be a superhero

Sometimes, we can take too much on – to play the superhero. With so much going on, it can be easy to forget that you have colleagues who may be able to lend a helping hand. And, it can be empowering to share the load.

Move your body

You and your team might be feeling low on energy. We aren’t breaking up screen time with face-to-face meetings at the moment. Getting up and moving about every hour will make you feel more alive – in body and mind.

Mix it up

The current crisis is demanding that every day looks the same. So, we can succumb to the humdrum or we can get intentional about creating novelty – mix up how you start your day, what you eat for lunch, the work tasks and the projects you undertake.