Top tips to foster and sustain great working relationships

Connect is the first of our Five Ways to Happiness at Work framework. These tips will help you foster and sustain great working relationships. Take ideas you like to your next team meeting.

Why relationships at work matter so much to us

It’s much easier to do great work when we are happy in the company of others. Teams who encourage, support and appreciate each other make problem solving, innovation and success possible.

The relationships we have with our closest colleagues are what define our day-to-day experience at work. If our interactions are positive, they relieve stress, help us cope with the demands of the job and make work enjoyable.

Keep talking

Times continue to be tough and many people are feeling they have hit a wall. When we feel stressed, we instinctively want to close down and shut the world out. Don’t do it - keep talking to each other. Your workplace relationships will strengthen as a result.


While we work better when we know how our teammates are doing, larger groups are not often where we feel most supported. Find a way to make those pre-COVID water cooler or corridor chats happen, whether remotely or distanced.

Talk about feelings

Everything might still feel up and down at the moment. Yet, other people can’t be expected to know how you are feeling unless you tell them. Talk to one another. Sharing our emotional experiences will build stronger relationships longer-term.

Walk and talk

If you can, consider swapping a Zoom for a (socially distanced) walk with a colleague. By doing so, you’ll notice a positive shift in what you talk about - we're more open and contemplative in our interactions while walking.

Connect with different people

So much has changed over the last few months, and we haven’t always been in the head space to reach out. Yet, it is good for us to do so – friends, colleagues and acquaintances can all help to bring us new energy.