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An introduction to Team relationships

The core of the work experience is the team. It’s within teams that people spend most of their working day; it’s their colleagues that define their day-to-day experience at work. 

More from the science on Team Relationships

We've done the work so you don't have to. Read summaries from the latest research on the science of team dynamics

Things to try for teams: Improving team relationships

Tips, tricks and practical examples of things others have done to improve team relationships.

An introduction to Team co-operation

Co-operation between teams can affect levels of frustration, stress and sense of progress. Things go more smoothly when teams work well together, but frustrations quickly build when they don’t.

More from the science on Team co-operation

We’ve scoured the research to bring you the latest on the science of the linkages between teams.

Things for teams to try: Improving team co-operation

Take a look at ways you and your team can improve cooperation with other teams

An introduction to Friendships at work

It’s good for our spirits to have people around us who we care about and who care for us. Friendships help us deal with stress and they bring meaning to the work we do.

Things for teams to try: Improving friendships at work

Read our suggestions for ways you and your team can foster friendships within your organization

The science of human connection

Team building has never been easy. The geographies we traverse to work together is making the task more difficult.

The power of the coffee-break

Formal mechanisms to look after wellbeing at work often overlook the happiness to be found in the informal routines of employees