Top tips on improving the way we interact with others at work

Here are a few positive daily actions you can take to build your relationships, one interaction at a time.

improve the way we interact

Share your experience

While we are all going through this crisis together, our experiences are not all the same. Ask your colleagues about how they are really doing. Share how you are. Doing so will help build stronger bonds between you all.

Schedule a coffee

Times might be stressful and workloads high. However, research indicates informal chats can help build personal and team resilience. It’s easy to forget to take social breaks. So, remember to schedule a coffee break with colleagues.

Listen to each other

Listening and allowing others to share their experiences has always been a healthy way to build trust and deepen connections. In unsettling times, this is even more important in our teams.

Laugh together

Generate some fun during your remote or distanced interactions with colleagues. When we laugh, we relax and strengthen the emotional bonds between one another.

Keep chatting

Talk about what films or box sets you’re watching. Share stories about your kids, your wider family or your pets. When we spend less time with each other there is a danger we will lose the comradery of working together. So, keep the chat flowing.