Are teams working more effectively together?

As teams build from what is going well and start addressing frustrations together, morale goes up and things begin to run more smoothly. But these dividends can take some time to materialize!

teams working effectively

This is why we ask people directly whether using Friday is helping them work more effectively together after a few months.

We give three different response options for this question: Yes, No, and Not sure.

See what action we recommend for the feedback you are getting. If your results are mixed, then you may need to try a few things in combination.

Response: No

Action: Accept that it’s normal for it to take some time to get used to working with data on feelings. Take a look at your organization or team Impact report – it is designed to help you direct attention and energy to those areas of your culture which will have the biggest influence on your overall happiness at work.

Response: Not sure

Action: Give it time. Identify one area of your culture for improvement and commit to following through to implementation, rather than doing lots of things by halves. If you’re having a tough time prioritizing, use the ranking in your Impact report to decide where to spend your time and energy.

Response: Yes

Action: This is great news! To maintain your progress keep talking!. New ideas for improving the quality of your conversations are available in the help centre.