Top tips: Positive daily actions for working remotely - part 4

Living through a crisis takes its toll on us psychologically. We seek normality, even though everything is far from normal. We seek autonomy, even though so much lies outside of our control. Here are our tips for daily positive actions that can help you during a crisis.

Connect – Share your experience

While we are all in this crisis together, our experiences are not all the same. Ask your colleagues about how they are really doing. Share how you are. Doing so will help build stronger bonds between you all.

Be fair – Take time off

It is hard to keep a boundary between work and the rest of our lives when most of us now work from home. If you, or your team, are starting to get a little worn down, encourage each other to take some time off. You’ll come back feeling refreshed.

Empower – Mix it up

The current crisis is demanding that every day looks the same. So, we can succumb to the humdrum or we can get intentional about creating novelty – mixing up how we start our day, what we eat for lunch, the work tasks and the projects we undertake.

Challenge – Power hour

It is often hard to focus for long periods of time. An hour is about the limit for most of us. Encourage each other to set aside a power hour. Switch off email and instant messaging. Then, throw yourselves into a work task and enjoy what you accomplish.

Inspire – Reflect on the positives

So much has changed, and so quickly. Even though there are many challenges, in among them there are many acts of human kindness as well as opportunities for growth. Take time, individually and as a team, to reflect on the positives.