Top tips: Positive daily actions for working remotely - part 3

Working remotely is something that takes time to settle in to. Here are positive daily actions based on our Five Ways to Happiness at Work framework to help ensure you and your team can work well together.

Connect – Keep talking

Times are tough and many people are starting to hit a wall. When we feel stressed, we instinctively want to close down and shut the world out. Don’t do it - keep talking to each other. Your workplace relationships will strengthen as a result.

Be Fair – Be tolerant

When things feel unfair the natural emotion is to feel angry. Never before has everybody universally been under so much pressure at any one time. It’s no one’s doing so be as tolerant as possible, and apologize when you’re at fault.

Empower – Move forward

With so much rapid change, it’s easy to feel disorientated and out of control. In such situations, we can become indecisive. However, there are always things that you can control. Identify them and keep them moving forward.

Challenge – Give feedback

It’s always been important to give and receive feedback at work. Now most of us are remote and missing out on numerous touchpoints, giving and receiving consistent, helpful and clear feedback is even more important than ever.

Inspire – Blue sky(pe) thinking

New challenges bring new opportunities. Set aside time to hold a creative brainstorm, where no idea is considered too crazy. You might just identify some innovative new ideas and, in the process, it will be fun to run wild creatively!