Top tips: Positive daily actions for working remotely - part 2

We know remote working is now here for the medium term. The positive daily actions derived from our Five Ways to Happiness at Work framework can help ensure you and your team continue to work well together across the weeks ahead.

Connect – Schedule a coffee

continued remote working 1

Times are stressful and workloads are high. However, research indicates informal chats can help build personal and team resilience. It’s easy to forget to take social breaks. So, remember to schedule a coffee break with colleagues.

Be Fair – Be understanding

continued remote working 2

While we have had to adapt and make significant changes to our lives, we’re not all in the same boat. Take time to understand your colleagues’ situations, and be as supportive as possible. When we feel respected and supported, it helps us to see things clearer.

Empower – Find your energy

continued remote working 3

What brings you the most energy at work? Conversely, what drains you? Try to organize your things-to-do list so you get the tasks that you least enjoy completed first. You can then focus on what you love doing, and are no doubt best at.

Challenge – Bounce ideas around

continued remote working 4

When it comes to work, most of us are home alone. Without the physical presence of colleagues we can start to feel it’s "all down to us". Keep in touch with those friends who are 'critical' to you, and who help to build and improve on your ideas.

Inspire – Remember the why

continued remote working 5

With so much disruption to “how” we are working it is easy to lose sight of “why”. As a team, take time to reflect on how you add value to your organization and how your organization adds value to the world. It’s good to remember why we do what we do.

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