How is my anonymity protected?

Anonymity of individual scores is crucial to the design of Friday Pulse. We want you to feel safe to answer honestly – without the worry that your feelings can be identified in the data.

Happiness is a game changer when teams get to talk openly about their experience at work. By answering honestly, you can help uncover your strengths as a team and organization – and where it could be helpful to take action to improve happiness.

So you can feel safe to answer honestly, there are a few ways we protect your responses:

  • Any question which asks you to rate your experience on a scale is anonymous. For example: "How happy were you at work this week?” with a scale of “Very unhappy”, “Unhappy”, “OK”, “Happy”, or “Very Happy". Only you can see your individual response to these types of ‘scale question’.
  • We only show team or other group-level scores if three or more people have responded to a scale question. Account Admins can increase the minimum number of responses required before a score is shown but it cannot be set below three. This means it’s not possible to work out the score given by any particular individual.
  • It’s also not possible to see a list of who has, and who hasn’t, answered a particular scale question. This means an individual’s score cannot be worked out by examining who is participating.

What kinds of questions are not anonymous?

Only your free-text responses (to questions such as "Would you like to celebrate a success?") will be attributed to you, so everyone in your team/organization can see the response and who made it.

It’s not compulsory to enter anything in the free-text boxes when you are responding each week, but users have told us that they sometimes want to describe their happiness score in more detail.

When we put our name to celebrations, thank yous and frustrations, we are much more likely to express them with care and compassion, and this helps keep team conversations positive and constructive.

What can I see?

User results view

As a user of Friday Pulse you will be able to see: - Your individual results, including scores and free text responses. - The average results for your team/s, so long as three or more people have responded. - The average results for the organization, so long as three or more people have responded. - Free text responses from your colleagues.

This means that everyone sees vertically up, but not horizontally across, the organization.

What can others see?

Only you can see your own scores. Colleagues in the same team/s as you will be able to see the same team results as you. Colleagues in other teams will be able to see their own team/s results, but not the results of your team/s.

Other user can see

A small number of people in your organization will also have additional access (learn more about user types in Friday Pulse here). This allows them to see results for all teams within the organization, but not individual scores. Colleagues with additional access will also be able to filter scores by other groups and key demographics – for instance location, gender, tenure – but Friday Pulse will only show filtered scores when a minimum of three people have responded. The breadth and depth gained with the additional access is designed to help employees in central functions and decision-making roles to identify cross-cutting issues and provide support, as well as celebrate the good stuff going on!