How Friday measures employee experience

Friday will help you improve happiness at work by collecting and feeding back three key pieces of information about how you and your colleagues experience work.


1. Experience at work

Depending on your account settings you’ll either be asked “How happy were you at work this week?” or “How have you felt at work this week?”.

The weekly happiness question captures how positive you and your colleagues feel.

Happiness question

Asking about happiness is a statistically robust way of asking people to sum up a complex landscape of emotions and thoughts (enjoyment, interest, curiosity, satisfaction, frustration, stress, intention to leave) into a clear good-bad signal.

Friday translates your good-bad signal into a number on a 100 point scale, which you can track over time. You’ll be able to see how your own experience compares to the happiness of your team and the organization as a whole.

Your Happiness Score is a clear indicator of how everything is going. To make improvements you will need ways of explaining how happy you feel.

2. Celebration, Thank-you, Frustrations, and Idea Notes

Following the question on your experience at work, Friday asks you to note down the things in your week that went well and the things that caused frustration. Friday gathers this frontline feedback to contextualise your Happiness Score.


Friday also encourages you and your colleagues to send each other thank-you notes, raising levels of positivity between people in the organization.

The immediacy and regularity of the feedback helps everyone learn more about what is affecting happiness week-on-week.

These Notes have a limit of 140 characters.

Note: You will receive the weekly happiness question together with the opportunity to share Notes (Celebrations, Thank-yous, Frustrations, and Ideas) in the second week after launching Friday within your organization. The very first week you complete Friday you will be asked the 15 Culture Profile questions - see below for more information on these.


3. The Culture Profile

The quarterly Culture Profile maps your experience to Friday’s Five Ways to Happiness at Work framework:

5 Ways

Our research has found Connect, Be Fair, Empower, Challenge and Inspire to be the factors that most reliably predict happy workplaces, especially when found in combination.

Under each of the Five Ways, we ask these questions:

Connect: - How well do you get along with people in your team? - Do you feel that teams within your organization generally work well together? - Do you feel that you have good friends at work?

Be Fair: - Do you feel that you are treated with fairness and respect at work? - How appreciated do you feel for your efforts at work? - Do you feel satisfied with the balance between your work and the other aspects of your life?

Empower: - How often do you get to use your strengths in your job? - Do you feel free to be yourself at work? - Do you feel you can influence important decisions in your work?

Challenge: - How often do you get the chance to be creative in your job? - How often do you receive helpful feedback on your performance? - Do you feel that you are learning new things at work?

Inspire: - Do you feel proud to work for your organization? - Do you feel the work you do is worthwhile? - Do you feel a sense of accomplishment from your work at the moment?

Friday uses the same 100 point scale as your Happiness Score to signal strengths and opportunities for improving your unique culture.

The Culture Profile will help you to speak with confidence about what you can celebrate and improve to build happiness. Quarterly measures of the same questions will allow you to track what changes.

Note: You will answer these 15 questions in your very first week using Friday. Then around each three months / 13 weeks you will be asked these questions again at the same time as the weekly Happiness and Notes questions.