Things for organizations to try: Improving Worthwhile work

Inspiration connects to people's motivation to do a good job through meaning. Learn how to help people set worthwhile goals and use frontline feedback to see the impact of their work. Often we are influencing more than we realize, and by making our contribution more visible, everyone feels the difference they're making more strongly.

Things for organizations to try: Improving Worthwhile work

1. Connect the dots

Create direct lines of sight to impact.

From Timberland factories in the Chinese apparel industry to large national health service organizations in the UK, it's a common experience for people to feel disconnected from the people who are benefiting from their labour. Whether working to make clothing to keep people warm in the winter months or focused on the financial health of a local authority, it's difficult to keep in the mind's eye the cascade of benefits our efforts create. This is why our research with recruitment firm Robert Half has found a sense of appreciation is a number one driver of happiness at work among colleagues in typically 'back-office' functions like finance [].

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