Common user list issues

We’ve made it really easy to set up your user list to be able to filter by different groups or characteristics!

The user list is pretty adaptable so it can be set up to suit your needs, but there are a few things to keep in mind during set up and when uploading your data.

Read more about building your user list here

Unique names

All category names within your account must be unique. This helps Friday know which category is which – no matter if it’s a Tag, Team, or Location or Custom Attribute group. This also helps you when you’re looking at your results, particularly when you dig in to your data using multiple filters.

Example: If you have a Delhi team and a Delhi location, you’ll need to give these different names in Friday – for instance the Team could be “Delhi Control” and the Location “Delhi Office”.

Maximum length

Any category name within Friday can be a maximum of 40 characters As well as being unique, group names (including groups in your Custom Attributes, Teams, Locations and Tags) can only be up to 40 characters in length.

Example: If you have a team called Knowledge, Product Development & Innovation, you’ll need to shorten this to include it in Friday. Try Knowledge, Prod Dev & Inno instead.

Single characteristic

Users can only be in one category within each filter type (except Tags) Just as employees are only in one team and have one core location in reality, users can only have one Team or Location in Friday. This is also true for all groups, like Tenure, Age and Gender, in Friday. Only Tags work differently - users can have multiple Tags.

Hierarchies must be consistent and without gaps

If you’re using a hierarchical structure for Teams, each user should be assigned to a team at the top of the structure, and can have sub-teams lower down the structure. The parent teams of the sub-team must be consistent for all users, and there cannot be gaps at the top or in the middle of the structure in your user list.