Top tips for the second half of 2020

To support employee wellbeing and team morale over the next six months, start listening and responding to what people need across the Five Ways to Happiness at Work. Here are some things we’ve seen to be effective in organizations, including our clients.

Connect – as people

Hit pause in the middle of a virtual team meeting to ask the personal questions we now struggle to find the time or space for – like "what did you do this weekend?" or "what are you binge-watching?" Bring light-heartedness back.

Be Fair – listen to understand

To stand in the shoes of another, we have to listen openly and without judgement. In professional life we celebrate those who can listen to influence and persuade. In our personal lives we celebrate those who listen to understand us.

Empower – with rules of thumb

Everyone has flexed hugely during the pandemic so we won’t respond well to rigid policies about how we can and can’t work. Aim for 3-5 rules of thumb which describe when the team works most effectively together, and then allow one another to innovate around that.

Challenge – be self-directed with feedback

We require feedback to feel valued and to develop. The way it’s given and received is important for how we feel at work, yet can be tricky to get right when not face-to-face. We feel better about feedback when we’ve asked for it. So, figure out what’s important for you to achieve in the next three months – then ask colleagues to help you grow.

Inspire – send gifts

Actions speak louder than words. Even a small gift to struggling employees shows that you’re thinking of your team and that you value them. You’re not spending your budget on happy hour or office stationery, so make use of the savings.