Top Tips to help you and your team stay sane during the current crisis – part 3

Nic Mark's Five Ways to Wellbeing framework identifies positive actions you can take each day. Here are even more ideas to try so you can look after your wellbeing during the current crisis.

Connect – Laugh together

NM Wellbeing part3 1

Keep sharing those funny videos. Make your own. Even in the darkest epochs of history, you can find satire and laughter. Being a rainbow in someone else’s cloud is a gift of friendship that brings us closer together.

Be Active – Take the air

NM Wellbeing part3 2

A change in season is coming. If you can, go out for a walk and smell the scents of Spring. If you are inside, throw open the window and let the fresh air rush in. Appreciate how your body and mind feel in that moment.

Take Notice – Savour something delicious

NM Wellbeing part3 3

If you still have food left in the cupboards, choose a favourite. Sit down quietly. Take a small mouthful of it. Hold it in your mouth. Notice the textures and flours of it being released. Be present and savour the deliciousness of it.

Keep Learning – Get back into and interest

NM Wellbeing part3 4

What did you used to enjoy learning about at school? Great art? Grand engineering projects? Whatever it was there will be. Podcast or a documentary on it. Get back into an old interest that make you feel alive.

Give – Say “I love you”

NM Wellbeing part3 5

Don’t forget to tell the people you care about that you love and appreciate them. We are all stretched and distracted at the moment, and it can be easy to take people for granted. You’ll both feel good for remembering your bond.