Top Tips to help you and your team stay sane during the current crisis - part 1

Nic Mark's Five Ways to Wellbeing framework identifies positive actions you can take each day. Here are our recommended tips to help you and your team stay sane during the current crisis.

1. Connect - Be friendly

NM Twitter Wellbeing Card #1

We are all more anxious than normal and love is anxiety’s greatest antidote. Even if we need to keep our physical distance, we can meet each other’s gaze, smile and look after each other.

2. Be Active - Show your moves

NM Twitter Wellbeing Card #2

Why not put some music on and dance to your favourite tunes? Moving your body is a great mood shifter. If you’re very brave, record it and share it on TikTok.

3. Take Notice - Feel your breath

NM Twitter Wellbeing Card #3

Take a break from the news stories and social media coverage. Find a quiet place. Take some long, slow deep breathes. Feel your breath and notice the tension leave your body.

4. Keep Learning - Get colourful

NM Twitter Wellbeing Card #4

If you are fed up with repeat episodes of Friends, then why not get out some paints and make a wonderful colourful mess. It doesn’t have to a masterpiece – and it’s great to do with kids.

5. Give - Act local

NM Twitter Wellbeing Card #5

All of our worlds have suddenly got much more local. Do you know your neighbours’ phone numbers? Why not swap them now so you can call on each other if needs be? You might even make new friends.

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