Your first week on Friday Pulse

It’s a good idea to sit down as a team and discuss your first Friday Pulse results.

The first week you and your team start using Friday Pulse, you’ll be guided through a few questions on how you’re feeling about it, as well as responding to our 15 Culture Profile questions to build up a picture of your team and organizational culture. You’ll be asked these questions again around every 13 weeks – each quarter.

Conversations on your Culture Profile questions can feel a bit daunting to some so we’ve produced this presentation to guide your first Friday results conversation. The presentation takes you through choosing a couple of topics and discussing your team score more deeply, as well as sharing what to expect next.

1st week on Friday

This presentation covers: - The Five Ways to Happiness at Work - Your Culture Profile – the scores and what to look for in them - What to expect next

Download the presentation here

After your launch week, each week you’ll have just a few questions on your happiness at work. After these questions close each week, [we recommend all teams spend at least 10-15 minutes discussing their team’s happiness results]( We provide a personalised Presentation view of your happiness results on your Dashboard to help guide your team happiness discussions.