Your account settings

Account admins can easily set, update, and edit account settings within Friday.

To access your Account Settings, simply log in to, click on your name in the top right of the page and then click on "Account settings".



Click on the logo image to upload your logo or simply drag and drop your logo across.

Account name

This shows up in the invitation emails each week and when your users are logged in so it's a good idea to choose something that is meaningful to your team or organization, but also to keep it short.


This is your default timezone and makes sure the invitation emails and when Friday closes happens at the right time for you. We recommend you choose the timezone that works for the majority of your team or users, or where your head office is. You can set other timezones, if needed for users in different timezones, in "Locations".


Your default country. Most likely your head office location.

Benchmarks: Country, Sector and Organization size

The country, sector and whole organization size most relevant to benchmark your scores against our research data. Read more on selecting your benchmarks.



Here you can choose who can see individual Congratulations, Frustrations and Thank You Notes. By default this is set so only members of the same team can see these Notes, yet it can be set so the Notes are available for all users to see.

Minimum report size

By default, three or more people from a team or group must have responded for the average scores to be shown. It is possible to increase this minimum if you prefer even stronger anonymity.

Go to your Account Settings - Settings


Questions open

This is when the first email to participate in Friday each week will be sent. We recommend you choose a day and time to send emails as late as possible in the week that will still capture as many people as possible. The default start time is 2pm on Fridays and it can be set to be either Thursdays or Fridays, between 8am and 9pm in your set timezone.

Questions close

This is when Friday will close for the week and everyone will receive an email encouraging them to take a look at the results. We suggest you leave Friday open no longer than necessary - the default end is 1pm on Monday and it can be set to be either Mondays or Tuesdays, between 8am and 9pm in your set timezone.

You'll notice there are no reminder time settings - these are handled automatically, depending on your Close settings.

Quarterly Culture Profile questions scheduled for

This shows the date your next Culture Profile is scheduled for. If you would like change this, please contact Friday Pulse via [email protected]

Quarterly Culture Profile duration

This shows the number of weeks over which your Culture Profile questions will be asked to users. If a user responds to one or more of the Culture Profile questions in one week, they will not be asked them the following week. The default duration is one week. If you would like to change the number of weeks the Culture Profile questions are asked, please contact Friday Pulse via [email protected]

Pause questions

You can switch the pause on to temporarily stop all your users receiving Friday emails. For instance, you might want to do this over a festive period when you know a lot of users will be off. Once you're ready to start using Friday again, just log in and switch the pause off again.

Go to your Account Settings - Profile


Here you can set up the message sent to users when you first start using Friday. Find out more about personalizing the invitation message

Welcome message

This is the message that will be included in the invitation email from your Face of Friday.

Face of Friday

Choose the user who the welcome message will come from. Remember to add their picture in the People area of Friday

Send a test email

Use this button to send test emails to yourself ahead of your launch.


Account type

Shows you how many user licences you have in total and your account type.

Go to your Account Settings - Billing



Here you can set up your Slack integration to receive participation invitations and reminders directly in Slack, as well as get a results overview and add notes from within your workstation. Read more about connecting your Friday account to Slack.

Go to your Account Settings - Integrations