Pausing you Friday questions

Whether it’s a national holiday or just that you know everyone will be away from their normal work because of your AGM, if you know the number of people able to respond for a week or two will be low it’s a great idea to temporarily stop your weekly Friday questions.

We’ve made it really easy for any Admin of your account to be able to pause – and unpause! - your weekly questions.

Simply log in and go to your Account Settings at the top right of your screen

Account Settings - go to

Go to your Scheduler in the menu.

Scheduler - in menu

Scroll down until you reach Pause questions. Put the slider onto green to pause.

Scheduler - Pause questions slider

Make sure to save your changes.

Account settings - Save

Remember to go back into Account Settings to turn the pause off when you are ready (at least one hour before your questions are due to restart).